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    The cavalry regiment ran into the defense line hastily arranged by the Japanese and puppet troops, the cavalry's weakness was quickly exposed, they had no way to advance quickly, they had no way to attack quickly, the only way was defense. But even though they dismounted and fought on land, their fighting power remained undiminished, defeating the Japanese and puppet troops. Japan had to send more troops here many times, completely ignoring the north.

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    The youngest brother of the Diep family laughed bitterly. Although they lost just now, they were secretly killed by Tham Tieu. Among the three types of strange poisons of the Diep family, it was the strongest.

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    Zhong Wei said loudly: "Me! My regiment! My comrades!"

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    "It's just a small matter. Isn't there a table and chair in front of you? Haven't you considered it yet?"

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    Fortunately, the gang leaders finally raised their hands and did not touch the portable X-ray machine and microscope that Xue Jianqiang bought for her. Perhaps they knew these devices were very valuable, used for cure diseases and save lives. These two equipment are still intact, her loss is not too big...but just that is enough to hate her!

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    But after all, he was his own son. Even though he was very troublesome to the old man, if he didn't ask a single question, his conscience would still be a little guilty.

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    All three turned their heads almost at the same time.

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    The three infantry regiments of the 1st Infantry Division could not even keep the reserve team, divided into many waves to attack the defense line of the heavy rattan unit. The heavy rattan unit fought back with machine guns and guns. mortars and grenades to drive them to despair. There were many casualties, their bazookas and cannons knocked out every house, and made the trenches look like meat factories. The most hated fire-breathing soldiers became the most feared assassins of the Japanese army, the red and black fire dragons sprayed all the Japanese soldiers clinging to the trenches, houses, and ramparts into black skeletons. scorched and miserable as they wanted. They had already severely broken through the defense line of the heavy rattan unit. Just adding one regiment, no, even adding a new battalion of troops could break through this defense line and rush to the canal bank!

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    The divine world is no longer there, as long as you are not stupid, there should not be any unscrupulous people coming to kill you.

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    The chairman's bare head was covered by a black aura, and he roared loudly.

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    After finishing dealing with Fujita Shinichi, Xue Min ordered someone to take more than a dozen bundles of slightly wet dry grass, sprinkle it with gasoline, set it on fire, then lead the arrested people to quickly retreat. Behind her, the dry grass was burning, a column of black smoke rising higher and higher like a giant tower, visible within a radius of twenty miles.

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    The bad news was that Kato's brigade's attack on Xiaotang village had confused this armored unit. Not only was it chaotic, but the armored battalion that rushed forward also suffered heavy losses, losing 4 92 mm guns and more than 150 soldiers, unable to launch an attack in a short time.

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    The Sino-American unified air force dispatched more than 60 fighter jets and dropped more than 30 tons of napalm bombs on both sides of the canal, densely covered by Japanese and puppet troops, dozens of cars and armored vehicles. burned to ashes. coal with the staff inside, it was horrible. This bombing not only caused hundreds of casualties to the Japanese army, but also burned down a large amount of river crossing equipment. Such losses truly made the Japanese army cry without tears. Akira Fujita was shocked and sent a report to the headquarters of the 13th Army Corps: "We were heavily bombed by the Chinese Air Force and suffered extremely heavy losses... In addition, two armored units of the The Chinese army formed a flank attack on our brigade. The advanced performance and intense firepower far exceeded everyone's expectations. Sixteen tanks of the brigade's tank squad were destroyed within ten minutes of fighting with seven of their tanks. Artillery had breached the situation. I have fought with troops for more than ten years, from Manchuria to northern Jiangsu, and have never encountered That's the situation! I request that the air force be mobilized to destroy all tanks of the Chinese army, otherwise our army will have difficulty continuing to attack!"

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    "You watch over Diep Lam for me. Once he arrives in any province, he will notify me as soon as possible."

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    What else can this say?

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    Business is booming, so it means making more money, so why is it a bad thing?

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    Qin Guofang and the three people listened with great interest.

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    After the two H-5s confirmed that the Kumano ran aground on the beach, they reluctantly turned back and flew directly to Huai'an. Their first performance was a huge success, Kumano was left paralyzed under Thunder's attack, the mission was successfully completed and it was time to think about how to land. From Dien An to Dai Phong, the journey was so long, flying with two torpedoes consumed most of the fuel. The remaining fuel was not enough to fly back to Dien An so we had to abandon the plane and parachute. plan! Thinking of this, the joy of all members of the two teams disappeared, leaving only endless sadness: Whichever nephew came up with the bombing plan, he completely used the bomber as a target. Consumable, use once then throw away. disaster Is it equipped? ?

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    What if there is a turning point?

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    As for the second part, this is Qin Xian, and she immediately appeared in front of Shen Xiao.

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    Japan's position was dead silent. There are quite a few Chinese soldiers in the Japanese army, and they can also understand Chinese, and the broadcast over there can be heard clearly. Everyone is embarrassed. Kumano is their last hope. Even though they are in a desperate situation, they are not desperate, because they still have Kumano to rely on. As long as Kumano fires, the powerful 203mm naval gun is enough to tear apart the 10th Division's encirclement. They can escape the birth. Even though they were angry that Kumano was slow to fire support, they still had hope in Kumano, now the last ray of hope was gone, leaving them in an absolute mess. of the 10th Division and the unbreakable siege, everyone felt ashamed!

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    “This Ye family has no sense of shame.”