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    After that, Yin Qunli explained in detail: "Do you know why the men of 'Yuan Datou' returned to the detention center? They were on a secret mission to track and monitor the characters." important in the underground party organization of the Communist Party in Stone City. Director Li married and welcomed his relatives. This important figure of the Communist Party took advantage of the chaos to escape from his followers. monitored and monitored, and these people were deliberately falsely accused of being thieves by the Communist Party hidden in the crowd. As a result, the people were angry and beaten. Then, they were arrested by police patrols. and locked up in a detention camp. They couldn't explain it. The important figure of the Communist Party that they secretly followed and followed was "Yuan Datou" who had received the information a long time ago. Do you still remember the person? was arrested by us? Gong Xiecheng? The most important reason why this Gong Xiecheng revealed his identity as a Communist Party member was because he met that important figure of the Communist Party! You might think about it, that 'Yuan Datou' only told us about Gong Xiecheng, and has hidden news about this important figure in the Communist Party from us. Doesn't this mean that 'Yuan Datou' has his own little calculations when cooperating with us? He is taking advantage of us instead of sincerely cooperating with us. But don't trust him easily."

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