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    agree with comrade Ilyushenko's words, this journey is too long and uncomfortable. The man speaking this time is Boyka, a Ukrainian, I have been dealing with him all my life, and my business level is very high, but like Ilyushenko, he has a hot temper and easily offends people, so when Beria was choosing people, the refinery immediately introduced this product. . Now this guy is yawning everywhere, the stupid little hair on his head that has always stood up has been pulled down, proving that this guy is in a bad mood, it's time to add more gas and then call it "vodka". He yawned and said: "We have all been through more difficult situations. What are the difficulties of the journey? The most annoying thing for us is that we cannot work normally after arriving. China. This country has no industrial base at all, let alone Oil! No matter how I look at it, this country doesn't look like it has any oil, the higher ups must be mock us!”

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    The progress of each project is very tight, the competitive atmosphere is extremely fierce, especially the competition between oil fields and refineries, which is a bit red-eye. 186 emphasized at many important meetings that oil is very important, with oil everything is possible, everyone is encouraged to work hard to produce oil as soon as possible and to produce good oil , so oilfield workers were beaten like bloody chickens. long day. Oil refinery project workers are under a lot of pressure, no one knows when the psychopaths will pump the oil out, if industrial oil flows out and they haven't built the factory yet, the joke will be big, so bite Work hard, fight for progress, fight for quality, fight for efficiency, anyway, there are enough materials, no need to worry!

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