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    The entire first floor of the ruins still occupies a relatively large area. After he carefully examined the first floor of the ruins, he discovered that there were only a few basic bones and fragments on the ground, now in front of him. There are two roads, one road. is the stairs going up, the rest is going down, Vuong Han stood at the top of the stairs looking around, the entire staircase was dead silent, standing at the entire stairs going down looking in, you could see clearly. Seeing the entire staircase gradually covered by darkness, he could see that the space going down was much larger than he had imagined. Falling down on the small body of the mouse head, the mouse head man became even more lonely.

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    The girl at this time was like a normal child. Vuong Han carefully observed the nucleus of the light sphere in his mind. The nucleus of the light sphere of thought was working normally, with no gaps. There was no need for him to intervene now. enter. Next to the core thinking light ball is the first empty thinking light ball, this will be the child's first memory since birth, but since the core thinking light ball is not yet fully activated, so although this memory is difficult to remember, she will not remember it very clearly, unless one day she can directly observe the memory in her thinking light ball, otherwise she will I don't know who I just saw. but the specifics will be seen later.

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    Originally he... he came here simply to ask about what happened that night. Except for this incident, he didn't care much about the resentment between Li Dayou and Lanning Situ... but this Li Dayou from the beginning, He still appeared relatively calm, but in the end he completely fell into That kind of self-indulgence, I'm afraid that after all these years, someone will finally be able to witness him insulting the historical bastard Lanning family!

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    Vuong Han knew what Lanning Tinh Do said, so he naturally didn't want to know this. Seeing Lanning Tinh Do's expression become a bit subtle, he asked: "Is there anything else? There will be a copy in the sea." residents?"

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    In fact, their perception of fighting is the same as Vuong Han's now, that is, when fighting, try to avoid close combat. This is not to say that they are afraid of close combat with others, there is no saying. This. The main thing is to follow up with a long-range attack, so that when replacing someone else, you won't bring harm to your body. Anyway, on the way to replace someone else, you still have to pay attention to whether your body is healthy or not. Another person's body can be completely damaged, on the contrary, if while unintentionally replacing another person but also destroys the other person's body in a terrible way, in the end only one person knows what he or she has to endure. .

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    On the one hand, the body's functions are relatively complete, the basic senses are still there, and there is also an eye that can be used. Luckily, the remaining mouse did not explode directly at that time, otherwise it would be real. is invisible. However, on the contrary, he can now confirm that he is already dead, or that after coming to this world from the beginning, he died, but at that time his body was still motionless. Intact, so the entire Soul could still feel something through the body, and could still breathe, but after waiting for the mouse's corpse, he actually had a deep sense of disappointment in his heart, "This situation is really difficult to talk about."

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    Mi Qiyun shook her head, her face turning red, "Lanning Wanghan not only made me doubt my own strength, but also made me doubt our two elders' attitudes towards the two of us." , and even makes me wonder if the attempts we made in so many poses before were correct, I think we have been studying each other's poses for a long time, including the poses that are said to be superficial, the ice and fire three-headed dragon and the swaying clouds and the white Xixi and other source quality skills, these skills are very beautiful and have realistic combat effects, why Doesn't he want to see our source quality skills?

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    This idea had not echoed in Vuong Han's mind for a long time. He suddenly saw a building appear in front of him. This was obviously an ancient building built by one person. The entire structure looked like a building. like a dense layer. Floating earth covered it, and even the whole building looked like a burial mound! However, this building was angular, and it seemed to cover an area as large as two or three football fields. This was the first truly large building that Wang Han discovered within a month of arriving. this world.

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    "Who knows... I feel like we're looking for Vuong Han now, like we're assassins, constantly asking each other for news, I'm afraid we'll miss the moment the other attacks..." Mi Qixin smiled bitterly. After that, the two of them didn't say much more. After a short exchange, they continued to search for traces of Vuong Han. From the clothes on their bodies, they could clearly see what they were doing now. What.

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    "I have completely understood the structure of all the core thought light spheres, and I even know which area represents which character. Now I can completely create an existence with a custom character!"

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    Vuong Han thought about it and didn't need to say much more, "Okay, okay, I will become a great water monster anyway, no one will care about this kind of thing anyway, I won't say this kind of thing Yes But, if I just followed my own ideas, there wouldn't be so many things, and there wouldn't be any need to waste so many words saying things that can't convince you."

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    Correct! Now he realized this loophole, that is, the count said that he could directly get this kind of memory because he was on the front lines and because the virtual beast fell from the sky, but in reality , the count should not have been in control. memories from that time, they should not have cooperated with Lanning Situ, so there should not have been a Void Beast at that time.

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    Pause, "Success, the new core thought light ball has been successfully linked to the entire thought chain, it doesn't look any different from usual, but I seem to sense something there in the dark, it's a direction, Like when I was in level 3... No, it's like I left Tu Hai under her guidance, it's this clear signpost feeling , after I get this, I should have a way to be able to leave the white source space where the entire state and county is located? Hmm... From this point of view, all of this is going on According to my guess, even though I didn't gain strength, I got an extra pair of eyes."

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    "What's that?" Vuong Han also rubbed his eyes to confirm that he was right. On the ground not far from him, a mouse half the size of a person was freely crawling around. It observed and occasionally stood up. time, looked around, and there was something like a bone in its mouth, which it was leisurely gnawing. Of course, if he was only half human and half mouse, Vuong Han would not be surprised. Just in terms of size alone, he had already met someone tens of thousands of times larger than him, so it was not surprising. talking about its own size Yes, it is nothing more than a large mouse! But in reality, Vuong Han saw bright red light in the eyes of this big mouse!

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    In fact, dealing with a "smart person" like Lan Ning Situ is very simple, directly persecuting him doesn't make any sense. If Vuong Han keeps forcing him, then anyway he will get worse and worse. the more certain I am that I really didn't do it. Anyway that's him lying to himself. Simply tell the other person, just wait until you know the truth, you will break through your own defense line, and within one day you will definitely call him directly. At that time, Vuong Han thinks that he can pass. Some detailed situations, including Situ Lanning's emotions, are used to judge the origin of all this in more depth, rather than just determining how it all happened through through his memory in a few words.

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    After waiting for about an hour, Dai'er looked around curiously, "Why is there no one here? Are they that effective? A group of people can directly turn into losers on the spot. Because So, unless they are arrested directly on the spot, can't they be arrested directly?"

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    “Uncle Vuong Han hasn't arrived yet.” Truong Dang was a bit bitter, "But it's understandable, Uncle Vuong Han must have something important here, otherwise he would have come directly."

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    Lanning Xiaoxi looked at Vuong Han curiously. She naturally knew that Vuong Han should not disturb him at this time. She carefully observed Vuong Han's actions. She originally thought that it would take at least ten days or three minutes to complete. . After Wang Han opened his eyes, Dai'er's essence collapsed and returned directly to the essence, then a stream of holy light directly appeared in a corner of the room, with the help here , he directly used Dai'er's original body power to condense such a human body. The condensation process is very mystical, like printing a human being. Lanning Xiaoxi The heart was surging here, and in the next hour, the body condensed directly, and a dressed Dai'er appeared in front of Wang Han and Lanning Xiaoxi.

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    Vuong Han put the dagger in his belt, then took out a coin from the chest. The color of this coin is very strange, from the front it is black, from the side it is silver, what is its value? of the coin, then carefully looked at it in front of his eyes. Wang Han was not sure about the value of the coin, so he threw the coin into the coin bag.

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    Please have some. Vuong Han extended his hand, smiled and said, he has been an SR medal holder for 18 years now, 18 years has been a newcomer to the battlefield, many of whom have just grown up. Lao Tzu also went to the front lines, so at this time except for a few people who still remember who Vuong Han is, the others either died on the front lines, or earned enough money after returning to get married, this is a more convenient way for Wang Han, he hates any respect towards him, he doesn't feel he has anything respectable, so he can talk to others calmly, just by being able to feel this comfortable feeling of mutual respect. he realized what "chat" was.

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    Returning to the essence of this problem, Vuong Han has now discovered a phenomenon, the main reason why Void Spirit Beasts in their human state can turn into Void Pills after death is because of Void Spirits. Beasts come from the Void Sea, because of this. , after Wang Han condensed identical virtual beasts in the clan and district, there was no way to condense them into virtual pills, the final analysis was due to location, "So why is this happening now ? Could it be my previous one? The guess is relatively accurate? That is, this virtual sea is a virtual sea on the surface, the product after weaving is the source of quality, which means that the virtual sea is the result of weaving based on on source quality. But in fact, the virtual sea is not the result of weaving source quality, and it is another form of source quality. In other words, source quality in Xuhai and source quality in other states and counties are fundamentally different in everything, so even if the two have the same weaving efficiency, in the end the actual weaving efficiency is completely different.”